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Wedding Skincare: Pre-Wedding Bridal Prep for Glowing Skin Timeline

Wedding Skincare Bridal Prep Six Months Before “I Do”

The question has been popped, you excitedly exclaimed “Yes!”, and one of the first things you want to do is seal the moment in time with photos. Maybe dull skin can be overlooked for spur of the moment pics but what about your big day?! Lifeless skin is a no go so here’s a Wedding Skincare Pre-Wedding Bridal Prep for Glowing Skin Timeline to follow.

Bride and husband posing together with purple flowers. Wedding skincare makes for gorgeous photos.

Six Months Before

Going to a esthetician for a skincare analysis and basic facial is a great first step in jumpstarting your skin’s health on the road to “I do”. If you aren’t able to see an professional, no worries! Start off with double cleansing and exfoliating daily to help remove impurities from your skin.

Five to Four Months Before

If you’ve noticed that you have particular issues with your skin, you may want to set up monthly visits with an esthetician to target them and get the best skincare treatment. Finding products that work on eliminating those particular issues is key! Using targeted treatment products such as serums, night moisturizes, etc will help to maximize your results.

Three to Two Months

De-stressing should always be a focus, but around this time really prioritize it! Stay relaxing and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking enough water will help hydrate you from the inside and using hydration treatments will do the same for the outside. Using a masque 2-3 times a week will bring much needed TLC to your skin. Be sure to use one for your skin type!

Photo of interracial Black and white couple with clear skin after following wedding skincare regimen

One Month Before

Schedule your last treatment at least 3 whole days before your wedding day, and make sure this treatment isn’t anything extreme. You don’t want the redness, pimples, peeling, or other outcome of more serious treatments to pop up this close to your day. Keep a basic routine to maintain and the night before, use a hydrating masque along with plenty of sleep. Rest will have your skin plump, glowy, and you’ll look refreshed! Remember that skincare IS a part of self care 

The Big Day

If you’ve hired a professional to do your makeup, they’ll take over on the actual wedding day, but before they do prep your skin beforehand. Using your basic routine to prep and ensuring to prime before any makeup application will create a flawless canvas! On this day, your MUA may stick around for touch ups, but always remember to have the necessities close at hand. Lotion, lip balm/chapstick, and blotting papers (if needed) are must haves to stay fabulous the entire day.

Close up photo of bride with glowing skin after utilizing wedding skincare routine

For the Body

Quick mention of body skincare products that have changed the game for my skin! It’s called Necessaire and it’s amazing! So good that I’ve given it away as a gift multiple times now. Often times we pay attention to our faces and neglect the other areas of our body, but ALL of our skin.
Give them a try!

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