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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips & Tricks

A few of the gowns I tried on during my wedding dress shopping quest to finding my wedding gown.

If you’re here because you’re currently looking for your own wedding dress, the first thing I’ll say is to take your time. Finding your wedding dress can be a process and I’ve seen so many buy something simply because they felt pressured due to time, those that come with them to appointments, or some other reason. Don’t fall for it!

– You do NOT have to bring your entire crew.

For a few of my appointments I brought both my Ma and older sister with me, and even brought my Granny with me to another. I loved hearing their takes and having their support, but that’s why I chose them in particular. They understand my taste and will respect that it may be different than their own. So, when it came to me liking something, they supported that. Bringing people who are incapable of seeing your vision could derail you. It may cast doubts and cause you to go for a wedding dress that you aren’t exactly in love with.

– Try that wedding dress on more than once

Lots of bridal consultants will look for whether or not you look in love with a wedding dress then commence to push, push, and push some more.
Again, don’t fall for the okie doke! It is totally fine to sleep on it, schedule for another try on for a different day, and make that final decision then. Often times, trying it on at least twice (with different hair, different posse, etc) helps you feel more secure in your choice.

Unfortunately, none of these were the one but they were gorgeous! Drop a comment if you’re interested in the names of some of these. And if you’re still in the brainstorming phase, check out wedding dresses that are from small business owners! It’s always a good thing to shop small!

Good Places to Start:

Martina Liana Wedding Gowns

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