Merry Christmas 2019

This Christmas we decided to go ahead and be a little bit extra by doing Christmas cards! It was a last minute decision so we had to move quickly and as efficiently as possible, which meant working with a company that I knew would come through.

Canva option

Initially, I was thinking of going with Canva and printing them myself through one of my professional labs, but that would have been more work for me. And one thing I am dead set on improving is the need to do everything myself. Some things can be outsourced and when that’s possible, take the opportunity to lessen your workload! This is the holiday season after all, a time to rest and enjoy not working, so on to Minted I went.

The final product

I do use Minted for many of my clients ,so navigating the website and making the personalizations were a breeze, but I think anyone could handle it well. The process is pretty straight forward as long as you have the photo you’d like in a high resolution (to avoid blurriness) .
And boom! You’re ready to go!

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