Hair Care Routine: Five Years Natural

Hair Care Routine

My hair care routine has changed a few times over the years, but I now have a simplified version that I’d like to share.
I use either Mielle shampoo and conditioner or Camille Rose to cleanse and condition. Usually, I use whatever deep conditioner I have on hand. Although my preference for my hair car routine usually is the Camille Rose deep conditioner. You can see more of my hair here or here.

Photo showing progression of Black woman's natural hair growth

After about 6 months of being natural I started incorporating regular trims into my hair care regimen. Here I’d just gotten my hair straightened for the first time since cutting it.

Two Black women posing together with one having just done the big chop and hair care for short coily hair

One of the very first hairstyles I learned to do were little coils. With my hair being pretty short at this point, it only took about twenty minutes for me to do the coils and be ready to go on with my day. This was a very chill time in my natural hair journey. I was pretty oblivious to some things and that caused a bit of self doubt, but I learned many crucial aspects along with those mistakes.

Taper cut worn by Black woman with natural hair and natural hair care routine

After a year or so, I finally got my hair cut into an actual shape. I chose this taper shape cut and this was a huge game changer for me. I had a much better grasp on how to style my hair, how to moisturize it, and just overall how to care for my ends better. My curls really blossomed after this cut.

Natural hair care routine for blown out afro

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