12 Must Have Wedding Detail Shots You Won’t Want to Miss

The dress, the flowers, the bridal party and all the decorations. There are a lot of things you’ll want to remember and reminisce on from your wedding day. While some of these details may be obvious, there are others that you might not have thought about. This list will give you some ideas of the must have shots you’ll want to look back on for years to come.

Capture These Detail Shots on Your Wedding Day

  1. Dress
    While there will be plenty of shots of you in your wedding dress, and you have probably snapped hundreds on your phone, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have a beautiful shot of your dress hanging in the morning sunlight before you put it on. It would even be a good idea to order print to hang up somewhere in your home.
  2. Rings
    You’ll want your photographer to use their creative skills to take beautiful images of your wedding rings.
  3. Shoes
    Your shoes may not get as much attention as they deserve on your wedding day, but they really bring your whole look together. You’ll want to have the details of your shoes captured as well.
  4. Special Mementos
    Whether it’s a necklace, earrings or a special charm wrapped around your wedding bouquet to remember a loved one, these little mementos are something you’ll want to have documented.
  5. Getting Ready
    From getting your hair and makeup done to being zipped and buttoned into your dress, the getting ready shots are some of the most fun and sentimental shots you won’t want to miss.
  6. Notes and Gifts
    Most brides and grooms exchange little love notes or gifts the morning of the wedding, and the moment you read these sweet notes are definitely ones you will want to cherish and remember.
  7. Bride Glamour Shot
    Once your hair and makeup are perfectly done and you are dressed and ready for your walk down the aisle, you’ll want to take a few moments to get some of those high fashion styled shots of just you.
  8. First Look
    There is nothing quite like the expression your soon-to-be spouse gives when they see you for the first time all done up in your wedding attire. While in the past this was left for the big moment when the bride walks down the aisle, a first look can really enhance
    this moment. The first look allows you to see each other for the first time without having to keep your composure in front of all your guests. It allows you to get a genuine and natural reaction to seeing each other and can result in incredibly beautiful moments you won’t want to miss.
  9. Children
    The flower girls, the ring bearer or just some of the adorably dressed children of the guests attending your wedding will make for sweet images that will bring a smile to your face.
  10. Reception Details
    There are a lot of things that you’ll want to have pictures of at your reception site. You’ll want to allow your photographer to get into the reception prior to your guests arriving so they can capture the table settings, escort cards, guest books and more untouched.
  11. Speeches
    Not only will you want pictures of the person giving the speech but you will also want your reactions and your guests’ reactions to the speeches.
  12. Farewell
    There are so many ways to capture your departure, and this is one thing you don’t want to leave out. Whether you are running out the door with your guest throwing flower petals or lighting sparklers, you’ll want to have your farewell captured to remember how you ended your big day.

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